About Us and Forever Flowers

What are Wood Flowers? 

You may be wondering what sola wood flowers are made of! Well they are referred to as wood flowers because they come from a plant specifically called Aschynomene Aspera, also known as Sola-one of the lightest known woods there is. This plant has its outside bark layer trimmed off, which then exposes the inside cream layer of the plant. Sometimes the bark is left on which gives the flower a two toned look. That layer is then made into thin sheets which are shaped into the beautiful flowers used in our pieces! Every item is hand made and perfected to match your vision. Whether you’d like a bridal package or just a simple piece of home décor, we have what you need! Our items range from bouquets, boutonnières, corsages, wall décor, centerpieces, and so much more.  Email us today to get started!